How We Help

The energy costs associated with running a business are staggering. Energy costs across the board are higher than they’ve ever been before, which puts a strain on your budget.

Every second your lights are on, there’s a cost. Every degree on the thermostat has a cost associated as well. Every improperly sealed window leads to more money, literally, gone with the wind.

As an energy-savings specialist, we know keeping your business running well and reducing your energy consumption are not mutually exclusive concepts. You do not have to trade one for the other.

Yes, that’s right, you do not have to trade a comfortable, well-lit business for reduced energy costs.


Take a moment to look around your building and gauge where you’re wasting the most money.

  • Are windows properly sealed and tinted to reduce solar gain?
  • Are your lighting fixtures Energy-Star compliant? What about the ballasts?
  • Are your HVAC units and controllers up-to-date?
  • Could you be saving more water?
  • Who are your utility providers, and do they offer rebates?

Building a complete, turn-key solution for your business begins with a comprehensive assessment of your energy profile. Examining the answers to simple questions like these are paramount to the integrity of your company and its long-term goals.

Once we’ve assessed your energy needs, we meet with your team to discuss the finer points of how we can help. Covering the specifics of: financial viability, which demand-side energy solutions fit your needs, and setting realistic objectives with real-dollar costs are all a part of developing a clear vision for our partnership and your continued success.


Outlining how we will fit into your company over the course of our implementation, we walk you through each project and its individual cost and implementation. All while showing you the savings in a clear, concise way that makes sense on every level of your business model.

And for the places outside of our expertise? We have a network of virtual partners we can refer you to that will be able to take our assessment of your current energy needs and apply their own solutions.

We have a proven track record of success in exceeding client objectives and goals. Take a look at some of our past client work.