Utilities Dynamics offers a variety of lasting energy efficient lighting solutions that are measurable, sustainable, and scalable. We pride ourselves on our proven strengths, expertise, and untiring dedication to providing quality services.

With repeated success across thousands of sites, national capabilities, superior program / project management, an impeccable safety record, glowing client references, and visibility to all the other integrated energy services incorporating HVAC, energy management control systems, water conservation solutions, our work stands up to true tests of quality, even investment-grade audits.


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Utilities Dynamics would be proud to be your energy-savings partner. As one of the leading lighting management companies in the United States, to date we have completed a variety of projects for clients across 47 states, and we can’t wait for the day that number hits 50.

We’ve helped companies in all forms of business, such as:

  • Retail,
  • Banking,
  • Multi-family apartment units,
  • Hotels,
  • Financial institutions,
  • IT facilities,
  • Grocery store outlets,
  • K-12 school systems and higher education,
  • Industrial complexes

It just proves that there is no company that our solutions cannot fit.

Lighting retrofits are one of our most common and effective energy conservation solutions. New lighting technologies, such as LED, provide better quality lighting, are quieter, and last years longer than their obsolete counterparts.

Upgrading your lighting controls offers you better control over your costs as well. Simple solutions like occupancy sensors can be the solution that tips the scales in your favor.


Aside from the obvious energy savings, these lighting upgrades save in other areas as well. With improved lighting quality, products are more appealing and employees see boosts in productivity. Problems are easier to spot, and you see reduced maintenance and operations costs as a result of longevity.

If that wasn’t enough, with lower energy consumption your company is helping to improve your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our full-spectrum lighting services include:

  • An on-site assessment of your specific lighting needs
  • Survey, design, and installation of lighting renovations
  • Group re-lamping and lighting fixture cleaning
  • Planned lighting management agreements
  • Outdoor lighting design and installation
  • Electrical roll-out projects
  • Management tracking reports
  • Rebate research and filing support
  • Haz-Mat disposal management

In today’s world, cost volatility can be a real threat to your profitability and bottom line; the pertinence of an effective EMCS as a real solution to minimizing those threats has never been clearer.

Utilities Dynamics delivers a wide range of energy services, including superior, scalable, cutting-edge energy management control systems (EMCS for short). We are a one-stop-shop—we design, install and commission your EMCS for proper and efficient operation of your building systems.

Each system is tailored and designed based on your operating requirements, efficiency standards, and budget. Utilities Dynamics will bundle the most cost-effective solution to ensure your returns, no matter how complex or simple your requirements are.


Our experienced team will deliver a comprehensive and powerful EMCS solution that will provide you with a bevy of tools tied to bleeding-edge communications technology with which you can monitor and manage your buildings systems. A myriad of control points can be monitored, including:

  • Temperature
  • Electric, gas and water consumption
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Fuel level
  • Steam pressure
  • Flow rates
  • Space temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Humidity
  • and many more

The scalability of our deliverables is what makes our solutions so versatile. Whether it’s a large, comprehensive package, or a single-site lighting project, Utilities Dynamics has the ability and know-how to work with you and your company.

For an example of a larger-scale solution, we like to point out our partnership with a small-box retailer.


This contract required the installation of comprehensives EMCS in nearly 1000 stores across a nine-month period. The installed EMCS included full control of all lighting circuits (including indoor, outdoor, and signage), HVAC systems, temperature control for refrigerated areas, occupancy status, outdoor and indoor air temperatures, open/close status of stock room door, supply air temperature, and a myriad of other monitored inputs.

Below shows the rate of completed installations through the nine-month project:

EMS Installs

As a high-quality, results-driven solutions provider, our program management follows suit. We seek out long-term value and profitability models for you and our partnership. We are committed to the success of your company just as much as we are to our own.

A Proven Track Record

With a full suite of energy services at our disposal, Utilities Dynamics has delivered some of the largest and most-comprehensive lighting programs in the United States.


Most importantly, we begin and end as the single source of responsibility, aligning the efforts of many teams including: designers, contractors, and third parties to your program goals and our performance standards.

We quickly integrate with your teams to move quickly, stay on-task, and deliver high-quality results. More than simply implementing plans and approving specifications, our program management for complex, multi-site projects includes integrating the work of the Utilities Dynamics team with subcontractors across many work activities and many different program management areas.

Measurable & Manageable

We can manage the full range of energy service activities in a single program necessary to keep your complex solution firmly on track. When managing millions of dollars in energy, being results driven and being bottom-line driven are one and the same.


Our intense focus on impacting real change in your bottom line is one of the defining characteristics of Utilities Dynamics. Our institution of effective program management practices at every level—from individual team levels through the upper echelons of management, keeps our business practices lean and on-track. With strong management practices and properly integrated and communicated goals, we deliver on time and on budget. This helps us minimize financial risks, stream-line decision making and reduce escalations.

Our project management capabilities act as an aggregate for our experience, resources, and expertise in planning, engineering, and execution management. As the sole point of culpability, we take an entire solution from drawing board, to conceptualization, installation, and finally completion.

Measurable Solutions with Fifth-Third Bank

Our integrated energy services provided for Fifth Third Bank are a prime example of the program management abilities and the trackable benefits our solutions provide for clients. Read up on our case study to find out more about what we can offer you.